How To Know Which Diet Is Right For Your Body

which diet is right for your body


We all know, there are plethora of diet plans and schemes going around us everyday. But before starting on any of the celebrity fad diet plan we should look into which diet is actually right for our body. So, how to know which diet is right for your lockdown body 2021 and beyond ?

?Let’s get into the details of what different body types and shapes are. Only then we can figure out which is the most suitable diet for our body.

I will be adding a complete analysis of different body types and shapes in my upcoming article.

Here in this article, I am providing you with all the basics you need to know before starting any diet regimen.

Factors to look into before selecting a diet plan

Before we get into the details of factors to look out for before selecting a diet plan, first thing we need to do is evaluate how much we intend to lose in terms of lbs or kgs. Setting realistic goals is the most important step towards a successful diet program.

Second thing is, we need to figure out if we want to lose all weight with the diet alone or we are willing to go physical and would love to hit the gym to some point.

Budget is also an important factor to consider before selecting a diet plan as not all plans are budget friendly.

Making some nice, small changes to our everyday lifestyle can contribute highly towards achieving our fitness goals at the end.

However, the MOST IMPORTANT of all these factors is to know if you are MOTIVATED enough to continue with your fat loss goals. It won’t take you anywhere, if you started in a rush without properly analyzing the feasible options and ended up in the middle of nowhere.


Motivation is the key goal

Top diet plans for summer 2021?

Here are the top easy to follow diet plans for summer body with not-so-boring meals. Go, give them a try this summer when chances to reduce the body fat are already on the high:

BBC Good Food Summer diet plan is a 9 day diet plan with a chance to lose as much as 4 lbs after that. All the recipes for the free diet plan are available here and it seems like a promising thing to try this summer.

Fitness magazine 1,500-Calorie summer diet plan is a yummy mix and match of awesome recipes. This plan lets you eat more and lose more at the same time. You can even enjoy waffles, Ice cream and pasta with this plan. What else would one need to be on diet?

Note: While it is tempting to reach your goal faster. The recommended weight loss in a week is no more than 2lbs or 1kg.

which diet is right for your body
Staying hydrated this summer should be your top goal

Pros and Cons for Famous Diet Types

When looking for the right type of diet to achieve those fit body goals. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons for famous diet types to evaluate which diet is right for your body.

Mediterranean Diet:

We all have heard of this most famous diet type specially for heart related disease and diabetes management. This is no specific plan but a diet routine with reduced red meat, processed food and extra sugars.  The eating pattern focuses on vegetables, fruits, healthy fats (fish and olive oil), and quality carbs such as legumes and whole grains.


It is very flexible in terms of calories and even allows you to have a drink or two daily.

Helps you towards a better heart health and lower cholesterol.

Plenty of fruit and vegetable intake helps with cancer fighting antioxidants.

Once incorporated into your lifestyle, this diet has the potential for long term sustainability as it is not much difficult to follow.


Red meat lovers will have to give up on significant amount of red meat intake.

Difficult to track goals as specific calorie intake and physical activity tracking is not there.

Keto Diet:

Ketogenic/Keto diet is a type of eating pattern mostly focused on low carbohydrates and high fat with moderate protein. Recommended intake of carbs is 30 grams with protein intake should be limited to 40 to 50 grams to achieve optimal results.


Healthy management of cholesterol, weight and diabetes as it helps with producing insulin.

A diet for meat and fish lovers as you can take red meat, poultry and eggs on this diet.


It may feel confusing to get enough fats without protein consumption.

Loss of salt and energy can be possible with this diet usually during first few weeks when your body is adopting to the change.

Ban on certain sugary foods ( Ice cream, cakes) and Bread, pasts as well as on some fruits with natural sugars make it difficult for the specific food group lovers.

Paleo Diet:

Also known as Paleolitic or Caveman diet. It is essentially a high protein and low carbs diet with very low levels of sugar. This diet avoid items like dairy, grains, legumes and processed oils. 


Good for meat lovers and those with iron deficiency as it focus on enough red meat.

It reduces the amount of preservatives we consumed otherwise.

Good for those with allergies as it is dairy, gluten, soy and corn free.


Can be difficult to carry on with this diet for long term, however it’s not impossible.

Can cause some nutritional deficiencies if some strict restrictive plans are followed.

Unless you have physical activities to those like of cavemen, this diet is difficult to justify with modern lifestyle.

Not a budget friendly diet option.

Think here is enough resources to decide upon which diet to select for your perfect body goals. It is important to consult your doctor before making any significant lifestyle changes through diets. Let me know in comments which one you selected and why? I would love to hear your success stories here.