7 Health Benefits of Eating Figs

Figs are one of those foods with amazing health benefits but often ignored. They are one of those mysterious fruits which seemed to came straight from heaven, with its Biblical references and being the oldest fruit trees dating back to prehistoric era.

health benefits of eating figs

Health benefits of eating figs

However, this fruit packs amazing health benefits whether eaten on empty stomach or as a snack during day. Following are the top 10 health benefits of eating figs:

1.Source of Fiber

Fig is full of fiber and a natural laxative. Therefore, helps people with constipation issues or haemorrhides. Fiber acts as a stool softener so it is the perfect solution for people dealing with piles.

Soak three or five fig fruits in extra virgin olive oil or water overnight and use only the fruits next morning on empty stomach. This is a tried and tested method to relieve any symptoms of constipation or piles.

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2. Helps with weight loss

Since this fruit is rich in fiber, it helps to keep the feeling of fullness in your stomach for long. Also, it keeps you away from those cravings and hunger pangs to reduce the chance of binge eating.

Figs contain most of the nutrition required for your body. They can ideally act as a supplement to provide your body with everything you need without eating more.

3. Efficient cure to cholesterol and high blood pressure

While you can enjoy the wholesome goodness of Figs, they are tested to prove beneficial in eliminating cholesterol. Being high in fiber they can effectively reduce cholesterol and any relevant chances of HEART DISEASE due to bad cholesterol.

High blood pressure is usually caused by high intakes of sodium which can deplete your potassium reserves. Therefore, eating this fruit which is notably a good source of potassium can help you decrease high blood pressure. This again counts toward a healthy heart.

It is however, recommended to keep an eye on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels all the times. It will be good to keep an at home blood pressure monitor to make sure you are maintaining a healthy regimen.

4. Good for your bones

Figs are also high in Calcium and Vitamins A, D which is essential for bone maintenance. Especially for people with disease like Arthritis, Gout and Osteoporosis, this fruit can be hugely beneficial.

So, eating figs either dried or fresh, as part of your fruits and vegetables option will be great for reducing bones issues.

5. Health benefits of eating figs in Pregnancy

Figs also contain another highly important nutrient that is Iron. Iron is crucial for pregnant ladies as well as people suffering from iron deficiency anemia. In pregnant women optimal iron levels are necessary to avoid any neural defects in baby and also for the well being of mother.

So, it is highly advisable to make this fruit as part of their one of five a day in pregnancy specially. As advised by NHS, it is always better to have your nutrients covered through food options rather than taking supplementary pills in pregnancy.

6. Cure for Diabetes

According to Healthline, this one fruit contains zero fat and is quiet suitable to eatin moderate quantities for diabetes patients. Not only the fruit but its leaves are found to improve insulin sensitivity.

However, it is recommended to monitor you blood sugar levels regularly and as a precaution speak to your doctor before adding them to your regular diet.

7. Figs for healthy hair

Since most of the hair problems are due to zinc and magnesium deficiency, not to forget iron deficiency also contribute to hair loss. Figs can be your ultimate solution in this case as already mentioned, they are high in iron, zinc and magnesium also.

Being such a nutritious fruit, I think it won’t go unnoticed in the fruit isle next time you go shopping or ordering your groceries online.

Some people might feel a bit of laxative effect with a number of loo trips after consuming figs. So it is recommended they cut back into their intake in this case. Would be looking forward to know how these tips improved your health and wellness, post in comments:

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