How To Reduce Screen Time For Your Toddlers

In today’s age, when technology is like an unleashed beast, we need to keep certain things like screen time under control specially for our little ones.

Here are some tips on how to reduce screen time for toddlers:

Excessive screen time is not only harmful for their little eyes and mind but also make them vulnerable to some psychopaths like “Momo challenge” and “blue whale challenge”.


On the other hand, we see some of the top notch technologists like Steve Jobs and others totally not allowing their kids to use it.


So, let’s take a look at some tips on how to get screen free time :


1. Toddlers have lots of energy, which can be invested in letting them help with your household chores. Like taking out laundry from washing machine, table setting for dinner, folding clothes, wiping mirrors or tables.


2. For younger toddlers engage them in some fun activity. One of their favorite being playing hide and seek, pretend play with different items,  sing along or act along on favorite poems.


3. BEST OF ALL activities is cultivate in them a habit of reading from this very age. Believe me it will go a long way forward. So, pick their favorite characters book and read or just LOOK at the pictures with them interacting with it.


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4. Take them outside and let them play with visually anything that is safe for them. It is a bit messy though but much better than all that screen time which is ruining their own creativity and imagination.


5. Remember that our kids just imitate their elders behavior. So, LIMIT YOUR OWN SCREEN TIME in their presence.


6. Let them GET BORED: If you think your toddler is getting bored for sometime , let him/her be bored. It is not necessary for them to be entertained all the time.


7. Keep a diary of how many hours per day he is watching TV, using tablet or mobile or computer. Then make a strategy to limit it accordingly.


After all these measures to reduce screen time for toddlers, if you need to unwind for some ‘me time’ by allowing them to use that screen, please be wary of the content they watch. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. So, in order to save your kids from something like “Momo challenge” ( be it true or hoax), it’s better to use a device like Amazon Fire rather than YouTube to avoid getting any crappy stuff through Ads.


Another technique or PARENTAL HACK to watch YouTube Ads free without going premium is to let it stream through Chromecast on your TV. Hubba-bubba is not sure if there is some technical glitch with Ads not streaming to Chromecast or it is meant to work this way. Anyhow, let’s avail this opportunity as long as it’s not getting fixed.

Hope you liked the suggestions above and what do you think about the hack, do let me know in comments. For more amazing hacks, kindly subscribe to our mailing list.