Last Minute Gift Ideas for Lockdown Mother’s Day

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We all know that mother’s day is right around the corner but most of us still looking for the perfect MOTHER’s DAY gift. As it’s getting to be more of a family tradition to treat mum well on this special day, so the pressure is quiet on. 

But from time to time, we all ran out of ideas of a perfect gift for this occasion. Hubba-Bubba compiled a handy last minute list of some FRESH IDEAS to try this year. While the ideas are still innovative, we tried to make them suitable for ALL BUDGET TYPES. 

Personalized Collage Photo Frame 

We all have our cherished memories saved from different periods of our age. Why not make a COLLAGE of your favorite photos with mum and get it personalized for her.

When it comes to collage there are infinite possibilities to arrange them, but my ALL TIME FAVORITE would be to have a collection of your mum’s photos with HER MUM, with YOU, with YOUR KIDS or grand kids (if that’s possible). 

ANOTHER OPTION could be to make a collage of her own photos through different periods of her age, to show how gracefully she has aged. 

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Health Conscious Gifts

If you want to treat your mum’s health, there are numerous options available in the market to target that specific problem area or a health issue. 

With lot of people having health issues like ARTHRTIS, RHEUMATISM or joints pain these days, it is always thoughtful to look into ideas like electric FOOT MASSAGER or deep tissue massagers available online. There are a lot of products available to choose from that suits every budget.

For the daughters reading this article, another option would be to book yourself and her a day at SPA. This way you can spend quality time with her while getting the right pampering.


Tech Gadgets for Geeky Mum

For those geeky souls out there, here are some technological ideas to try. Here also, we have a plethora of options to choose from but I would love the idea of a BESTSELLER and affordable electric coffee machine like Bosch Tassimo Vivy

It is however, needless to say gadgets like iPad, Fit Bit or a tablet can never go wrong when you are treating someone geeky. 

However, I would not suggest buying any present like a cordless vacuum machine or DIY projects which would rather remind her of the duties and spoil the day for her.

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Hope you liked the ideas mentioned above. Do let me know your thoughts of the best mother’s day present in comments below.