3 Everyday Changes Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

As we get more goal oriented with hard targets to achieve, we sometimes forget being empathetic to our own self. However busy we get, a little part of our clock should be ticking only for us. Thus to spare some time which would definitely be spent on the biggest asset of our life that is health.

So, here is a list of small everyday changes which can bring great impact to our lifestyle and make us more effective towards the goals we have:

  • Limit your screen time

Though it might appear difficult to achieve in the beginning but with advancement of gadgets we can surely get some screen free time.

If you are a Netflix person, you can definitely cut it to twice a week or perhaps no more than thrice to invest that time to give a break to eyes which are the most important asset of your living.

While there is no better alternative than holding a real book, we can still engaged to our hobbies like reading. As we can always opt for audio books with devices like Amazon Audible, Echo and many other platforms offering podcasts. 


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  • Eat at least one superfood a day

Superfoods as many people say was a marketing strategy, however, if we look at the nutritional value of these items they really ARE energy packed often ignored fruits or veggies. Most important of them being on my list are :

– Elderberries

– Chia seeds

– Chick peas 

– kale or dark leafy greens

Make them part of your 1 of 5 a day and see the difference. You can definitely come back later to thank me any time ! 


  • Ditch the plastic and use organic clay pots 

Plastic is the most environment damaging product as well as total hazard for our health. So let’s show some love to mother nature and use the natural utensils and cooking pots made of clay. Cooking in clay pots not only preserve the nutrients of food but also add a unique earthy and smoky taste to our dishes. 

So, next time you think of a plastic food container to microwave that delicious pasta, think your health think nutrients first and use a clay plate.

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